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Kanefusa Aluminium Saw Blades


Kanefusa saw blades are the best of the best!

After extensive testing by Luna Machinery we have found that the thin tooth profile on Kanefusa Aluminium saw blades provide a quieter and cleaner overall cut. Because there is less load during the cutting operation Kanefusa Aluminium Saw Blades generally last longer in production environments.

Kanefusa is Japan’s largest manufacturer of high quality industrial tools used in the metalworking, woodworking, paper and plastic processing industries. Kanefusa saw blades are engineered to the highest industry standards.


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  • Made in Japan
  • Thin Tooth Profile
  • Less Cutting load
  • Quieter operation
  • Stays Sharper for Longer!

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300mm x 3.0 x 30 x 108T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 355mm x 3.0 x 30 120T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 400mm x 3.0 x 30 120T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 420mm x 3.0 x 30 120T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 550mm x 4.0 x 30 96T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 550mm x 4.0 x 30 132T Kanefusa Saw Blade, 700mm x 4.6 x 38 120T Kanefusa Saw Blade


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